Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Annabelle's 7 now!

Our dear Annabelle turned 7 on March 31. The day before her birthday, we were driving back home from our spring break vacation up in at Lake Lure, NC, she was saying she wants a new dress with a sweater/shawl and a new shoes. She wanted the birthday banner up. She was saying that she has to pick the dress, not us picking it out for her. She wanted Miss Kitty dress. Her papa was amused and told her that we will stop at the store before arriving home.

We stopped at Target, Annabelle knew where the Miss Kitty clothes rack was and she headed straight to this. I rolled my eyes at that, my senor told me to stop it and let her have the pleasure. In the end, she didn't like what they had. Frankly, I was relieved! She ended up picking the dress that I had first pointed out to her.

Straight to the shoes department, she was all brisk and bursting with happiness. Poor Jonah was not very happy until we told him he was getting a new shoes too. Jonah was a good boy patiently waiting for his sister to PAH decide on the shoes. Finally she settled for Cinderella shoes. Jonah was easy, he accepted what his papa chose for him.


Annabelle is using her new dress with sweater/shawl and her Cinderella shoes.

Happy Birthday to you, Annabelle.

We loves you very very much.

Annabelle and her birthday cake

Monday, April 1, 2013

Who is that boy?

Who is he?
I had to look twice to realize this is my son! A silly son who think he is an elf.
I think a scary tough looking elf!
He thinks he is SO C O O L.
He loves his green teeth. Grrrr!

I told him, he is C U T E.

He shy away and went playing and tormenting his sister.

This is one of his imaginations.

He's a darling!
We are blessed.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Zero, one, two....

This boy of ours is smart. It made us laugh at his efforts to get more candy.

Jonah has a penchant for chocolate. Chocolate anything.

Annabelle asked her Papa, we get 6 pieces right?

Same as always, he replied.

Jonah started counting-- 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!
I need one more!

Of course, his papa just smiled!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sandy--our dog


Today was an emotional busy day. My senor woke me up saying Sandy had been hit by a car. Hit by a car? How did he know I wondered for he has already left the room. I hopped out to follow him. I saw him already tugging the wagon out of the gate. I had no idea what time it was. Annabelle and Jonah were already outside and I immediately looked to their feet and told them to put their shoes on. I checked back to see if they have listened and they were already in the house as I caught up with my senor. 

He explained that there was a left message on our VP. Ooooh! Tears welled up in my eyes. Oh Sandy! And her wandering ways! I looked around to see if I could find her on our street and everything looks the same. The sun was shining. Senor asked me to get the van keys. So I went back passing the kids. They were full of questions--Find her? Where? What? I didn't know much so I just shrugged and said I'm getting the keys. I went straight to the toilet and noticed the time, 8:30 a.m. Already? I sighed and went to get 2 old towels, just in case? And I got the keys and bumped into my senor. He was impatient and grabbed the keys and left. 

The kids and I followed him out to the van. He had already backed out and left. I understood his haste and desire to find his beloved dog. 17 years old! I kept thinking. She had a good long life with us. But I didn't want her to die that way. Struck by a car! I noticed the direction that senor took so we went the opposite way walking to see if we could find her. Annabelle and Jonah wanted to be involved and I was a bit hesitant because death is not always pleasant. I was afraid for them to have nightmares. But I needn't have to worry for we did not find her. So we walked back and waited around for their papa to come back home. 

Memories of Sandy kept flooding back and forth in my mind. I kept thinking how did she get out of our gate knowing senor had closed the gate because I left it opened knowing one of the dogs had zoomed out for their thrill fix. I had no answers. 

Sandy like to wander around and fall down to lay on her back with her 4 paws out and wiggle around. She always look like she is in heaven doing that and usually make me smile or roll my eyes. She is happy dog. Taking her sweet time walking to a favorite spot. Greets the cat. Sometime she will lay down in the middle of our path. Geee! Either we walk over her or gently nudge her to move out of the way. Often she will ignore that warning unless I am persistent then she will struggle to get up and move.

It seems like forever before their father finally return home. My heart was in my mouth waiting to see if he had found her. He didn't. I advise to call back that left message back and he said that was his plan. He was very very anxious of her whereabouts.

I decided to leave him alone and go ahead and cook breakfast for our kids was already complaining they are hungry. Hungry!! Can I eat candy? Heck no! I'm going to cook oatmeal and eggs. They don't want eggs. I know, I know. I shooed them out of the kitchen and started the cooking rituals and glanced over the sink to see my senor already at the VP with the interpreter saying ringing 3... 4... 5... 

Soon breakfast was ready and saw that my senor was leaving a message asking to please call us back so he can bring Sandy back home.

There was nothing more we can do except to wait for them to return the call. So we went on to paint the trims and putting them up in the kids room. Soon Jonah came in to tell papa that the VP is ringing. He dropped everything and zoomed out. I stayed where I was painting the trims and not wanting to be in his way of finding what's what's with Sandy.

I took a quick peek to see if he was still on the phone and caught a segment of their conversation. Sandy was hit on Beach Boulevard near Alehouse. He was very very surprised Sandy would be that far away from home? I decided I didn't want to know anymore and just wait for him to share with me.

My senor realize Justin was home and asked him to please watch the kids. Asked me to go with him. He said Sandy is near Alehouse covered with plastic. So I looked around as we crossed Beach Blvd from Hodges. Didn't see her. So he drove into Alehouse's parking area. I hopped out to walk on the grass to see if I could find her. Didn't see her until I was almost off the Alehouse perimeter and there I spotted her laying down. I told senor I found her and he quickly drove to the next parking area out of Alehouse.

She was lying there. I sobbed. For gratitude that we found her. For her untimely death. For my senor. Soon he joined me, he was sobbing too. We quickly gather her and put her in trunk of the van. Drove home quietly and crying our hearts out for Sandy.

He parked near the rear gate and went straight to the shed. No words was said between us. I kept thinking he should bury Sandy near Grandma Lola. For she had also love Sandy. She had felt an affinity for Sandy being as old as she is in dog years. Teased now and then they should be buried together.

My senor had chosen the very spot I had envisioned too but was not sure which side of that tree where Grandma Lola is. He was quick and decisive. Justin soon came and help him dig out a hole. There was nothing I can do but leave them alone in their rhythm.

He told me to leave Sandy in the van so I did and the kids was already out and looking at Sandy. With so many questions. Where is she bleeding from? Why is her eyes open? Is her neck broken? What is going to happen? Why is Dad and Justin shoveling? Etc etc.

Their father was very very patient and answered all that he could and explained some things. They were wide-eyes about it all. Annabelle told me she already asked Santa Claus for a puppy for Christmas. Jonah said he want a new dog but really would rather have a baby cat. Their father had already explained to them that there will be no new animals for a bit. 

Then soon their father was happy with the depth and size for Sandy. Asked me what to wrap her in for he didn't want to use the same towels we brought her home in. So I went in the hall linen closet trying to decide which sheets to wrap her in. I couldn't bear to part with it then looked down to the table cloths and ahh yessss. A hardly used tablecloth and a mite too small for our table so I took it. Annabelle liked the color, P I N K for it matched her collar.

Pretty soon we buried her. I explained to the kids that Sandy is now with Grandma Lola in heaven. And that we all will someday see her again.

Then we prayed for Sandy and Grandma Lola.
We will miss you, Sandy.
We all loved you very very much.

My senor and Sandy

Thursday, June 14, 2012

From this to THAT!

Jonah has been wanting a haircut like his classmate at school. I sort of kept that idea off and told him to wait until school is over. His papa agreed. But he kept on persisting and we gave in a few days before school ended.

He loves loves his new hairdo!

This is before!


This is after the haircut.

Isn't he a darling?

He's no longer the sweet looking little boy. He's now the tough looking cute little boy!


Thursday, June 7, 2012



Huh? 45 what?

Both are 45!

I'm lost!

Oh, I'm sorry. Both our kids weighs 45 lbs.

Both of them? Noooo.

Yess. Both of them, Annabelle and Jonah.

But Annabelle is older than Jonah.

Yes, that's true. Jonah has caught up with Annabelle.


Me oh my. Both kids weights the same! 45 lbs.

Believe it or not!

Annabelle is 6 and Jonah is 4 1/2 years old. They're almost the same heights. Often they're guessed as twins. HA! No they are not twins!

Jonah is B I G and yet still small! Thank goodness!!!

I reckon Jonah takes after his grandpop, my dad.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mother's Day

I absolutely love this picture of me and my kids taken by my dear senor at the Disney's Boardwalk.

Jonah, me, and Annabelle